Cloud PBX From Mobile Operators: Broad Target Audience and Strong Sales
May 2, 2024 · 3 min to read
Mobile network operators (MNOs) cover a broad corporate segment, much of which includes companies without offices. Such enterprises can benefit from a cloud PBX that will help automate call handling and enhance employee oversight. In this article, we’ll explore why mobile operators can expect strong sales of a cloud PBX service.
Unobvious Cloud PBX Customers
Mobile operator services are used by a variety of companies, but let's focus on the employees who:
  • Are always on the move. This group includes real estate agents, couriers, logistics personnel, and anyone who meets with clients outside of an office.
  • Move around a lot within office premises. This category includes warehouse workers, auto sales reps, and showroom consultants.
  • Rarely sit at desks. Employees at auto repair shops and beauty salons may not even have office desks.
These companies face two unresolved issues. First, it’s hard for managers to monitor staff interactions with clients. Second, hurrying employees might miss calls, lose contact, or forget to call back a customer — indicating a lack of automation. A mobile PBX with call recording and CRM integration features can address these issues.
How Do MNO Clients Use a Cloud PBX?
Experience of MNOs has shown that companies prefer to maintain their usual way of handling calls. Thus, businesses typically use a cloud PBX system as follows:
  • 1
    Connecting corporate SIM cards to a mobile PBX. For employees, nothing changes: they continue to use their old SIM cards, while managers gain the ability to monitor interactions with clients.
  • 2
    Setting up a mobile number as a company's main number. Sometimes, businesses purchase a cell phone, and employees take turns responding to calls. After connecting to a cloud PBX, calls to the main number are evenly distributed among the employees' numbers.
Some companies list the main number and direct contacts of specialists on a website. In all cases, a cloud PBX allows managers to control employees’ calls.
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Additional Capabilities of MNOs
Mobile operators encompass an audience that includes fixed-line operator clients. Let's discuss why a cloud PBX from MNOs is more attractive for companies:
  • Full integration with mobile communication. Only mobile operators can link clients' SIM cards to a cloud PBX. Alternative solutions with softphones aren’t convenient and reliable.
  • Fixed-mobile convergence (FMC). A mobile operator's cloud PBX allows the merging of mobile and desk phones into a unified network. Employees can call colleagues via short numbers and set up call forwarding from one device to another.
  • Using a cloud PBX without additional equipment. Fixed operators typically need to set up desk phones and other equipment to activate a cloud PBX. Mobile operators just need to connect corporate SIM cards to the service — this can be done in a few minutes and without additional costs.
Many companies need to handle calls via SIM cards, especially when specialists are constantly on the move. Only mobile operators can offer this capability, as they have the necessary infrastructure. With this advantage, mobile operators have a great opportunity to attract new customers and retain existing ones.
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