6 Powerful Steps to Train Sales to Sell a Cloud PBX Service
April 25, 2024 · 4 min to read
The efficiency of cloud PBX sales depends on various factors: employees' level of training, techniques, organization, and sales support. This guide will focus on training specialists on a new service and explore what needs to be done for a successful sales launch.
Step 1: Designate a Product Expert
When launching a cloud PBX, employees need time to understand the new service and confidently sell it. To expedite this process, identify a source of expertise in your company — an individual specialist who will grasp the product first.

The training of the product specialist will depend on a cloud PBX vendor, as their representatives will explain the service's functionalities and nuances. Later, the product specialist can consult colleagues on any related queries.
Step 2: Conduct a Product Presentation
Once the product specialist is well-versed in the cloud PBX, they can independently present the new service to colleagues. Plan the presentation for about one and a half hours. During this time, you need to:
  • 1
    Showcase the product interface, demonstrating the web version and mobile applications, if available.
  • 2
    Explain the value of the cloud PBX for clients, emphasizing the service's features and its benefits for customers. For instance, explain how call recording allows businesses to monitor staff communication.
  • 3
    Discuss pricing plans. Employees should understand the pricing structure to inform clients accurately.
  • 4
    Address questions. Allocate around 30 minutes for a Q&A session.
After the presentation, every sales specialist should clearly understand the cloud PBX and how this service will benefit clients.

Share presentation materials, knowledge base, commercial offers, and flyers with the specialists so they can refresh their product knowledge at any time and provide documents to clients.
Step 3: Provide Access to a Cloud PBX for Each Sales Rep
Create a personal cloud PBX account for each employee and grant access, then ensure all specialists can log in successfully. Additionally, all specialists should download a mobile app if your vendor provides it. Access to a cloud PBX account plays another role besides training: it allows employees to explain to clients how everything works with visual examples.

To reinforce employees' knowledge at this stage, assign them the task of independently setting up their cloud PBX account and show the results to the product specialist. Configuration typically takes around 20 minutes.
Step 4: Assess Employees' Knowledge
Create a test covering cloud PBX features, pricing, and all the material your employees have studied. Online testing will help identify any gaps in their knowledge.

Business games are also helpful: colleagues simulate communication situations during these games. For instance, managers can act as clients, presenting objections, and sales specialists try to "sell the service" to demanding interlocutors.

Regular knowledge assessments, such as testing and business games, are recommended every three months. New employees will need this practice, and experienced employees might need a refresher. Sales could suffer without continuous training.
Digital Tide provides all the tests and helps organize effective knowledge assessments. Training sales reps will be easier with us.
Step 5: Assist in Applying Knowledge in Practice
Without applying theory in practice, all training efforts may be in vain. As a task, instruct specialists to present recordings of 5-7 successful client interactions by the end of the month. Operator experience suggests that achieving this goal requires speaking with clients at least 20-30 times.

Such practice increases specialists' confidence and leads to initial sales more quickly. Afterward, review the recordings of successful calls with employees. This way, all specialists will hear effective ways to communicate the service's value and can exchange experiences. Also, analyze common objections and compile them into a separate list.
Step 6: Regularly Inform About New Features
When a cloud PBX is updated, vendors usually send release notes to the company's product specialist. The product specialist then shares this information with colleagues or conducts a presentation. Therefore, questions about new service features should be regularly included in tests and ongoing employee training provided.
There's no point in training if you don’t test employees' knowledge. After the theoretical overview, help specialists practice and gain positive client engagement experience. Besides, the metrics should be analyzed, especially the number of service sales per month. If the plan is met, you'll know the training succeeded. However, if any employee sells the cloud PBX less than one time per month, give them a personal assignment and help determine the reason for such results.
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