Urgent Deployment: Digital Tide's Assistance in Saving a Cloud PBX Launch
June 6, 2024 · 3 min to read
Sometimes, telecom operators must launch new services for specific customers in a brief span of time. In such cases, meeting extreme deadlines can be nearly impossible without the help of an experienced vendor. In this article, we’ll show how a telecom operator launched a white-label cloud PBX service with Digital Tide in just two weeks and started providing it for a hospital network.
Operator's Profile
Our partner is the largest and most popular telecom operator in the capital city. This company has been working in the local telecom market for over 20 years and has an extensive subscriber base (about a third of city residents rely on its services). As for the B2B segment, the operator provides telecom services for the SMEs, corporations, and government agencies.

The operator has mobile and landline networks, providing the primary services: high-speed broadband Internet, corporate mobile telephony, a landline, etc. Nevertheless, for some B2B subscribers, such services aren’t enough, so the operator decided to expand the offerings for businesses.
Operator’s Project Details
The operator decided to roll out a cloud PBX service and found Digital Tide, our carrier-grade voice platform. It was crucial to offer subscribers advanced features like automatic call distribution, call recording, statistics, and more, and our solution was perfect for these requirements. However, after signing a contract, the operator postponed the launch due to other projects.

Later, it emerged that the operator had a client with an urgent two-week deadline for launching a business phone system. This client, a hospital network with stringent requirements, couldn't extend the deadline. In this case, the partner's delay in launching the service put the entire project at risk, but Digital Tide had the solution, which we’ll show further.
How Did Digital Tide Help?
Obviously, we didn’t have much time, and the only way to meet a two-week deadline was to plan all activities meticulously. We scheduled daily calls with the partner to track progress and ensure that every step of the process was executed flawlessly. This constant communication allowed us to address any issues and keep the project on schedule quickly.
Step 1. Allocating Digital Tide’s Resources
The only way to meet the deadlines was to use Digital Tide’s server resources. Since we always have a ready-to-use installation available, providing it to the operator was straightforward. We agreed with our partner to deploy the platform on their server at a later date once the immediate needs were met.
Step 2. Customizing the Interface
We customized the cloud PBX interface for the partner, incorporating the operator’s logo and brand colors into the design. The goal was to provide end users with a seamless experience.
Step 3. Connecting Telephony
We then provided the operator with access to the admin interface. The operator connected their telephony system to our platform using SIP trunks. Once connected, we conducted comprehensive testing of all features over the course of two days. This testing phase was critical to ensure everything functioned correctly and the system was reliable and ready for use.
Step 4. Creating Domains and Installing the Equipment
Further, with 4-5 days left before deadlines, we and the operator created all necessary domains for end users and provided login details. At the same time, the operator’s engineers went to federal hospitals, installed all telephony equipment, and connected everything to the platform. As a result, the operator launched a cloud PBX service with a telephony connection even without their own dedicated data center and other resources.
Step 5. Deploying the Platform in the Operator’s Servers
This system worked well, and health centers successfully handled calls from patients, not knowing that the whole service was launched in the vendor’s cloud. Nevertheless, according to the initial plan, the operator decided to deploy the platform within their infrastructure. In this case, the operator provided their data centers without any urgency, and we helped make everything work well. This process took about two weeks, including testing.

Then, the operator chose when health centers are usually closed for new patients and switched all client domains to their installation, so health specialists didn’t even notice the changes. The cloud PBX continued to work well, and the operator succeeded in providing the service to health centers, meeting all deadlines and requirements.
If you have high-pressure deadlines and have to launch a cloud PBX service urgently, Digital Tide will help you
Certainly, it's ideal to plan the launch steps in advance to thoroughly test all features and ensure everything works seamlessly. However, telecom operators can encounter situations where quick decisions are necessary, and finding reliable solutions becomes paramount. In such cases, our team stands ready to offer Digital Tide’s infrastructure and aid in launching a cloud PBX service within tight deadlines. There will always be an opportunity to deploy the platform within the operator's infrastructure later and seamlessly transition all previously created domains.
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