Cloud PBX as a Value-Added Service for ISPs
May 30, 2024 · 4 min to read
There are many Internet service providers (ISPs) around the world. Each state, region, or city often has local ISPs competing with large telecom operators, especially in smaller countries. However, these providers typically offer similar Internet connections, making it hard to stand out since Internet service has become a commodity. Additionally, the necessary infrastructure is getting more expensive while Internet plan prices are decreasing or staying the same. To attract new customers and retain existing ones, ISPs should consider offering value-added services, which we'll discuss further.
What Are Value-Added Services?
Value-added services (VAS) are provided over the Internet connection to create new revenue streams and continue competing successfully. Customers who subscribe to such services from a single ISP are less inclined to switch providers. ISPs can offer VAS in various forms, as follows:
  • Cloud storage. ISPs can offer cloud storage services, which allow users to store data securely online. This option benefits individual customers looking to back up personal data and business customers needing scalable storage options. It’s better to focus on the latter ones because B2B clients are usually reliable sources of revenue.
  • Media services. ISPs can partner with or develop streaming platforms for movies, TV shows, and music. Such content offerings can be bundled with traditional Internet service plans. Moreover, ISPs can offer parental control tools that will allow users to set filters on harmful content.
  • Remote monitoring. ISPs can offer services that include the installation, remote monitoring, and management of CCTV systems. This would allow users to access their CCTV feeds from anywhere via the Internet, particularly useful for business owners who need to monitor their operations from afar.
  • Voice services. ISPs are ideally positioned to handle voice services as they supply the necessary IP connectivity. ISPs possess the requisite skills and have experienced team members to start providing voice services. For instance, a cloud PBX service is excellent for ISPs to launch because many B2B clients need it and are ready to pay for advanced features.
Nevertheless, not every VAS suits ISPs. The ideal VAS should be in high demand, require minimal investment, and be easy for your sales reps to sell. Additionally, it should be scalable and help expand your regional presence. While many ISPs only offer internet connectivity, you can provide services that leverage existing infrastructure, allowing you to profit from your competitors' networks. Voice services, especially for the B2B segment, meet these criteria effectively. Let's delve into the advantages of cloud PBX for ISPs and their business customers and understand why it stands out as a strategic choice among the various voice services.
Cloud PBX: A Game Changer for ISPs
Cloud PBX is a modern telephony system that uses cloud-based technology to deliver voice and data communications. Such systems usually provide call recording, forwarding, CRM integrations, statistics, and other advanced features. This functionality is demanded today because businesses need to handle calls professionally and save money (if some calls go unanswered, it’s the risk of losing a client and revenues). So, ISPs can hugely benefit from offering such a system with central services.

To launch a cloud PBX, you must provide telephony and find a professional vendor. As for telephony, it’s not necessary to become a telecom operator; you can become an agent of an operator, and your clients will sign two contracts: with you and the operator. However, if you want, you can buy all the necessary infrastructure, which requires substantial upfront investments.

Regarding a vendor, choosing a professional company that will help you launch a white-label cloud PBX and take on marketing activities is essential. This approach will help small ISPs stand out without huge investments and get a carrier-grade cloud PBX service under their brand. As usual, a small ISP can’t afford to organize a strong marketing strategy and build an in-demand service from scratch, so collaborating with an experienced vendor is a must.
With Digital Tide, you can launch a cloud PBX service under your brand in two weeks and get support with all marketing activities.

Including value-added services, mainly voice services such as a cloud PBX, allows ISPs to diversify their offerings. By integrating a cloud PBX service into their bundles, ISPs can provide a highly scalable telecom solution that meets the evolving needs of today’s businesses and increases revenues.

Besides, finding a professional vendor to help you launch a white-label service is an excellent option because it will allow you to build a carrier-grade service without substantial upfront investments. This approach will help you stand out from providers that try to use open-source solutions to create a cloud PBX service.
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