How to Create a Cloud PBX Landing Page: The Guide for Operators
April 11, 2024 · 11 min to read
There are many guides on creating a landing page, but almost nobody has specified such a topic for niche products. So, we wrote an article for telecom operators that want to sell their cloud PBX service effectively with a high-converting lead capture page.
Step 1. Define Where You Will Publish a Landing Page
Your landing page can be a part of a main website or stand-alone. The telephone companies’ experience has shown the latter option is better because it doesn’t require the resources of your developers.

Websites aren’t easily customized, so choosing a separate builder will save you time. After creating a stand-alone landing page, you can connect your domain to it.
Step 2. Create a Structure
Every landing page has several sections, so define how many will be. Here, we will discuss essential ones for presenting a cloud PBX.
Put navigation and a button in a fixed header. The header will allow users to determine the whole landing page structure. Moreover, the phone companies' experience has shown that the header button is the most clickable.
Contact Form
To filter out inappropriate leads, you can create a detailed contact form. Ask your prospects about the purpose of purchasing the cloud PBX and the number of users. Clarify that the first call will be free.

The form can be displayed as a pop-up after clicking a button — it’s better than creating a dedicated page because end users won’t be forced to wait for the loading.
Describe here your cloud PBX using the marketing language. Communicate the primary value — for instance, you can write that your customers will never miss calls. Don’t forget to add a CTA: offering a free trial is better because it always catches prospects’ eyes.

Also, show an interface (if you have a stunning one) to help people find out what they will work with. For example, you can demonstrate a laptop, an SIP phone, and a cell phone.
About the Service
You can ask the prospects about their awareness of missed calls and how much profit they lose due to ineffective telephone systems. Make users think about their unsolved problems.
Key Possibilities
Show groups of cloud PBX features. Better use six elements to place them on one screen. There is no need to describe each feature separately — landing pages are not for detailed information.

Select main possibilities for your target audience: for example, almost every company needs multichannel phone numbers, ringback tones, call forwarding, call recording, statistics, and missed call management. If your clients prefer additional functionality, place it instead of less demanded feature groups.
Interface Screenshots
If you have a user-friendly interface, show it. For example, you can demonstrate previously mentioned features in carousel sliders: statistics, call history, phone number settings, etc. Take screenshots with actual data — if you have empty statistics, it can confuse users.
If you have a mobile app, add screenshots as a separate block. Having an application is a massive advantage for you. Provide links to app stores so your prospects can download and try apps independently.
Besides, you can use not only static images but also GIFs. Let users understand how to interact with your system before a trial.
Pricing Plans
Specify at least three pricing plans and add CTAs under each — better form packages with different options and limitations.
For example, you can include the most demanded PBX features in the basic package: call history, distribution, forwarding, and voice synthesis. Collect the remaining options into packages and start selling them additionally.
This section will cover information you didn’t mention earlier. For example, you can discuss the following questions:
  • 1
    What is the difference between a cloud PBX and simple telephony?
  • 2
    What pricing plans on calls do you have?
  • 3
    Do you sell phone numbers in our country?
  • 4
    How will I receive calls?
  • 5
    How quickly do you connect the service?
  • 6
    Will you help configure the cloud PBX for all our employees?
Link to a Knowledge Base
Landing pages don’t contain much information on the product, but you can provide a link to the detailed source of guides — your knowledge base. Users will learn how to use your cloud PBX even before talking with your representatives.
Digital Tide will help you design a high-converting landing page, calculate a financial plan, and create a marketing strategy. All you need is to focus on sales.
Step 3. Make Design Consistent
Use corporate colors and fonts to make the landing page correspond to your company identity. Consistency helps in reinforcing brand recognition among visitors. When users land on the page (even if it’s stand-alone), they should immediately recognize and associate it with your company.
You don’t have to create a stunning design for the lead capture page. Better focus on describing the most demanded feature groups, your cloud PBX's advantages, and an interface's demonstration. Such an approach will attract prospects and help you stand out.
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